About Us

Our Company, Osmanlı Tulumbacısı Ostu Gıda A.Ş. started its activities with the production facility and sales shops in Kocaeli province in 2007. Having completed its corporate structure, our company evaluated the offers of franchising in 2010 and decided to open new shops at the end of the year.

Within 10 years, it has become a chain store providing employment to 200 people in 50 shops in 18 cities in Turkey and 4 shops abroad. What stand behind this rapid growing are an organization with a corporate structure, team work that can manage the whole process and the offered franchise agreement which has an approach of easy-to-manage shops for those who are not experienced in Gastronomy.

By increasing the product range day by day and adapting the different flavors for the modern era, it continues to make the consumers meet the new tastes.

Osmanlı Tulumbası;

In the Ottoman tradition, dessert was one of the flavors presented in every occasion, beside the events of sorrow and happiness.
Entering into the Ottoman Palace Cuisine from Balkan culture, tulumba had an important role among approximately 70 desserts baked in the palace’s halva house.
Inspired by the love and culture of Ottomans, we, as a tulumba dessert provider today, have transformed the extraordinary dessert of the palace into the new, unique and surprisingly pleasing flavor bits as a result of great efforts, without using any glucose or additives.


Quality Policy

To ensure continuity of quality and food safety by conforming the (ISO 9001 -ISO 22000) standards and the rules set by legal and regulatory authorities in all our activities,To provide hygienic conditions in the production in all the shops,To follow the technological developments by providing constant training for the employees,To keep the customer satisfaction as a priority by being devoted to our customers,To maintain the confidence of the customers in the brand of Ottoman Tulumba Shop.

ISO 9001

ISO 22000

HALAL 1500